Hum Sab Ayodha: Remembering the Babri Masjid



A Sermon from the Buddha at Ayojjha


Like to a ball of foam this body is:

Like to a bubble blown the feelings are:

Like to a mirage


Perception: pithless as a plantain trunk

The activities: a phantom, consciousness.

Thus hath declared the Kinsman of the Sun

However one doth contemplate (this mass)

And thoroughly investigate its form,

To him, so seeing,


void it is.

Beginning with this body first of all:

By his rich subtle wisdom it is shown.

‘Reft of three things,

life, heat and consciousness,

Behold it thrown aside.

When ‘tis cast off,

Discarded there it lies, a senseless thing,

Mere food for others. Such its lineage.

A babbling fantasy, a murderer:

Such is its name. No essence here is seen.

Thus should a brother with an eager will,

Regard this mass. Mindful and self-possessed

By day, yea, day and night, let him cast off

All fetters, make a refuge of himself,

And act as if his head were all ablaze,

Aspiring for the state that changeth not.  (30-31)


We continue to live with that violence.


“More than 2,000 Indians were killed in the violence following the demolition, as we punished Muslims for having the mosque pulled down. We continue to live with that violence.” -Patel, Aakar


The Babri Masjid: unauthorisedly demolished

The culprits: must be brought to book

under the rule of law.

But in law,

a temple and a mosque

cannot be considered on a

par as far

as sacredness

is concerned

This is the fundamental truth

constantly being



It is now well established by GPRS-directed excavations, done under the Allahabad High Court monitoring and verification in 2002-03, that a large temple did exist below where that Babri Masjid structure once stood. Inscriptions found during excavations describe it as a temple of




Vishnu Hari, who had killed the demon king Dasanan [Ravana]. The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) confirmed these findings on investigations that were directed by the High Court.


As Far As Sacredness is Concerned: Constitution Bench of India’s Supreme Court (op.cit.1994)


A masjid is

Not an essential part of the Islam



The temple is

Always a temple

Even if in disuse

Or ruins.

-The House of Lords, U.K. (1991)




From Hum Sab Ayodha


400-200 AD saw the rise of

Brahmanical order.

The Rama

Legend lifted from Buddhists

And brought to the fore.

A previous birth,

Gautama was Rama

Anamak Jataka

Rama is Boddhisatva


15th century saw

The rise of the Sants

Rama, avatar of Vishnu

Vaishnavism merges with the Sant

The cult of Rama fortifies



Go back to

The 11th Century

Go back to


The Turkish forces



presence pertinent

Mosques, dargahs

Enveloped in myths

Muslims and Hindus both went there

To worship


The 12th Century


Spread like Roofies

In all corners of India

Embraces Sufi activity

Saints settled

Lavished with land grants

And mosques were erected

Ayodha emerges




Inscriptions inside Babri Masjid (built 1528-29)


In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

And in Him

is my trust.


In the name of One who is

Wise, Great


Greater of all the universe


is spaceless.

After His praise,

blessings be upon the Chosen one

(i.e. the Prophet),

who is the head of the prophets

and the best in the world.

The qalandar-like

(i.e. truthful)

Babur has become celebrated

(lit. a story)

in the world,


(in his time)

the world has achieved prosperity.


(He is)


(an emperor)

as has embraced

(i.e. conquered)

all the seven climes in the world

in the manner of the sky.

In his court,

there was a magnificent noble,

Mir Baqi the second Asaf,

councillor of his government

administrator of his kingdom,

who is the founder of the mosque and fort-wall.


O God,

may He live for ever in this world,

with fortune and life and crown and throne!

The time of the building is this auspicious date,

of which the indication is nine hundred


thirty five (AH 935 = 1528-29 AD).

Completed was this praise of God,

of Prophet and of king.

May Allah illumine his proof!

Written by the weak writer

and humble creature,

Fathu’llah Muhammad Ghori.


By the order of King Babur

whose justice is an edifice,

meeting the palace of the sky

(i.e. as high as the sky),




This descending place of the angels was built by the fortunate noble Mir Baqi.


It will remain

an everlasting bounty,



the date of its




from my words.

It will remain

an everlasting bounty.


In accordance with the wishes of the ruler of the world, Babur:


A lofty building like the palace of the spheres,

(that is to say) this lasting house (of God), was founded

By the fortunate noble Mir (and) Khan (Baqi)

May ever remain such a founder of its edifice

(and) such a king of the world and age!




The Erasure


An act of


That erased a holy ground

To commemorate another

What may not be a necessary condition

Doesn’t make it any less significant

The erasure of the mosque

Does not signal the erasure of Islam

In the least.


Hum log

Hum tum

Hum kya kare

Hum gaye the

Hum jeet gaye

Hum haar gaye

Hum shakal

Hum kon hai?

Sab thik hai

Sab thik hoga

Sab chalaga

Sab kaha hai

Sab matlabi

Hum sab bhartiya hai

Hum sab ek hai

Hum sab Ayodha

We continue to live in that violence.

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