Docupoem on Hazrat Imam Hussain ibn Ali


The Choice

His name was Hussain

A name most of you are afraid of today.

But he was legitimate,

The grandson of the Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him

50 years past the Messenger’s death

Hussain was the one who carried the message

And stood against


Yazid. Illegitimacy


Feared for demanding allegiance

From Hussain

Legitimacy, or death

Luxury, or demise

The question lingered, dangled on a lifeline

Between the

Easy thing, and the right thing.


The Refusal

Hussain said,

“I will never give Yazid my hand

Like a man who has been humiliated

Nor will I flee

Like a slave…

I have not risen

To spread evil

Or to show off…

I only desire

To enjoin good values

And prevent evil.”


The Threat

His life was endangered for speaking.

Hussain, the truth

He migrated his family to Mecca, hoping that

Yazid, the tyrant

Would revere the confines of the Holy city.

Onward to Kufa, Iraq

Yazid’s soldiers ambushed Hussain

And forced him to Karbala.

At Karbala, Hussain and his family

Were starved, dehydrated,

So their weak bodies would bow

But again, Hussain refused

He was not allowed to leave

Unless he went under oath.


The Final Stand

It was a matter of choosing what life he had to live

Knowing it was his own life that Yazid wanted him to give

Selflessly, he told his family to evacuate

And Yazid’s men were ordered to stop Hussain

By death.

Hussain’s companions were valiantly killed, outnumbered by Yazid’s men

Hussain stood alone.

No one was left.

They looked at his body

Fatigued, parched, frail,

Bloody, wounded, open.

The earth enveloped him, his soul escaped his lips

But his mind was strong, fed by love and hope

And he did not bow to them.

And for this, they mercilessly killed him.


The Victory

Zainab, Hussain’s sister

Assumed leadership among the captives that Yazid had taken

Speeches poured out of her mouth until her words finally catalyzed

The Confrontation.

Like her brother, she refused to let her fear be her life.

From him, she knew that a man could stand alone in front of thousands

So she did the same

And defeated a murderer

Reviving morality through loyalty

And overthrowing the Umayyad dynasty.

And during Muharram

We mourn

We remember

The legacy.

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