Out on the Sand: Breaking Free From Toxic Love

Skies will tell you how love moves like the clouds when the rain starts. It pours down, and on the windows I see pieces of my heart. I can’t take this anymore, I can’t get up from the floor. I don’t want to eat, I’m starving for comfort, I’m empty and sore. Love didn’t have to feel like you were killing me with spears. You made me a prisoner, you were my executioner. I can’t believe a prince could do that to a queen. I cannot forget how cruel you were, you never were so mean. Until a girl I saw, she’s from your past, she took your heart away. I thought I had your soul at first because I took your breath away. We were sleeping intertwined, my head curled in your chest, heartbeats collide. I can’t believe for you, I cried. Now here I am with clearer eyes. I saw the truth in all your lies.


Skies will tell you how love moves like the tides do when the moon’s out. Pulling closer to you, my heartstrings are letting go, my soul’s out. Don’t wake me from this dream, ’cause I mean, how can I face reality when nothing you do for me is really only for me? You built a castle of sand using my own broken hands. My legs were buried in a sandbox, you made sure I was lovelocked. My heart was open like palm leaves, but you took me down. Brought me to the water just to make me drown. But I took a breath and held it real deep and realized that I wasn’t where I needed to be. You can have her. You’re a sick bastard. Waiting for someone to be your ever after. But you didn’t deserve real love. Instead you can have that fake shit. You knew she was a fake bitch. And you can’t handle realness. The truth is that you’re hurting. You’re miserable and you stole my clothes. So my scent can hide inside your nose. Hoping that one day when you dry your tears, you’ll come my way. But please don’t. Even if you give me a rose, I promise to be just as cold. I promise to be just as cold. Because I know your love’s a curse.


And even she knows, baby we know that inside you’re so, so alone. But not even she knows, she knows, she knows…’cause what’s another pretty face? It’s a waste if you don’t have a heart or a brain. If you can’t care about the things that make me human. That’s when you start comparing and assuming. I was never meant to be compared to, I was asking for some love. Now I found it all and I’m happy the sands are finally calm. You don’t have to feel sorry, I’ll be a lover to my own body. My new man loves me for me, he wants the best for me. I get mesmerized in his brown eyes so deeply, yet I survive. ‘Cause love feels nothing less than alive. I feel so rejuvenated, you look quite emaciated. Must suck to collect hearts and never feel appreciated. Feel so situated. I stay motivated. I will never be humiliated. You just masturbated to my pics, I know you got them saved. Tbh can’t relate. Tbh I can’t hate. Yeah, I used to get faded, my appetite was jaded, surfeited with all the endless games. Now I’m satiated. I just contemplated, I’ll never feel lame. I won’t hide my eyes, I’m sorry about nothing. The fragments of my past piece together, no bluffing. I see all of you now. The sun’s going down. Old love underground.

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